Meet the Team

Our team is based in Abercynon. It consists of scientists, entrepreneurs and administration experts. Each of us have different expertise which we leverage to ensure we meet your requirements.

Santi Dominguez

Founder and Chairman of Imspex Diagnostics Board
Santi Dominguez is a business graduate-turned-entrepreneur. He co-founded companies in Spain and the UK, oversaw the acquisition of G.A.S. mbH, Imspex’s technology developer and manufacturer (a division of Imspex Diagnostics Ltd) and has sold a company to Chinese acquirers. Santi is a Board member for life science technology companies in Spain, UK, Germany and California. He is passionate about driving innovation through Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis.

Dr Emma Brodrick

Systems Application Manager

Dr Emma Brodrick is a PhD graduate from the University of South Wales. Emma did her undergraduate degree in Physics, later followed by an MSc degree in Adult Nursing. It was during this degree that she became passionate about contributing to the health care sector. Therefore, she undertook a PhD focusing on the detection of biomarkers related to lung cancer. Her degrees have armed her with expert knowledge of the healthcare sector, IMS and technical/troubleshooting queries.

Her PhD had great impact in the medical diagnostics field. As a result, Imspex had no hesitation in hiring her in 2016. She has won over £3 million in research grants. She recently led a large Horizon 2020 project which focused on the development and application of the BreathSpec® for tackling antimicrobial resistance. This project secured €3 million and generated significant findings. The project involved successful collaboration with prominent consortium members including NHS hospitals and Russell-group universities.

Emma is passionate about developing new IMS applications and widening the markets to which IMS is accessible. She has worked closely with partners across a broad range of clinical studies and non-clinical projects both for medical and industrial applications of GC-IMS technology.

Emma takes on a customer facing role, installing instruments on-site and providing on-going training and support. She is happy to answer general and technical enquiries.

Lisa Davies

Finance Manager
Lisa Davies has been Finance Manager at Imspex since its inception. She deals with the day-to-day running of the company and is able to field general and operational queries.