Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS)

ims stand aloneDiscover our stand-alone Ion Mobility Spectrometer

The stand-alone IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometer) by G.A.S. mbH enables the use of the IMS technology in very demanding gas phase applications where high separation capabilities and/or sensitivity are needed. Compared to other detectors the IMS offers a second dimension of separation and by that full orthoganality so that co-eluting compounds can still be separated before they are detected at low-/sub ppb level.

Key Advantages Of Our System:

  • Sensitive– Detection Limits in the low ppbv (μg/m3) range for VOCs with heteroatoms like ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, amines, or halogenated compounds
  • Selective due to specific analyte ion drift times,(2 dimensional separation, full orthogonality)
  • Flexible: Positive and negative ion generation
  • High GC sampling frequency
  • No license for 3H source required according to EU directive 96/29 EURATOM
  • High reproducibility
  • Operation with nitrogen or synthetic air
  • Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation (API)
  • Stand alone data acquisition software and software suite for 3D GC-IMS data analysis
  • No need for a radiation protection officer
  • Compatible with well known GC systems