Flavour Analysis in RTD Coffee

RTD CoffeesFlavour analysis in RTD (ready to drink) coffees

Consumers have always enjoyed a cup of coffee as a pick me up or portable beverage on the go. Coffee companies have recognised the need for readily available coffee, so a range of cold or iced coffees are easily accessible in convenience, grocery stores and petrol stations which means consumers can get their caffeine fix without having to step into a coffee shop. A range of RTD coffees are available in order to provide different choices for the consumer for example Americano, vanilla lattes, caramel flavoured coffees etc.

Manufacturers of these coffees have to pay attention to the unique flavours that they want to create. With a variety of flavours manufacturers can alter the original recipe to accommodate the different flavours and create a range of coffees. Often changes in the ingredients can alter the desired taste that needs to be achieved therefore careful analysis of the flavour profiles needs to be monitored in order to create a great tasting product.