A little over 10 years ago, there was a death in what is now the Imspex family. It was an avoidable death. This death would not have happened with an earlier diagnosis.

Ours is not a unique story and thankfully this was not where the story ended for us. What is unique is the business that grew out of the experience – a dynamic, determined and entrepreneurial mix of analytical chemistry experts, data science specialists, medical device and healthcare veterans and sound business acumen with a shared goal of developing and distributing an early warning system that saves life, time and money in medical, environmental and industrial matters.

Since then the business has grown, acquired international partners and most recently, dedicated separate analytical resource for medical, environmental and industrial workstreams with our proprietary GC-IMS technology.

The Imspex story will continue as our business grows, embraces opportunities and navigates bends in the road. Wherever the road may lead, we remain people with a passion for putting great science to use for the greater good.

Our mission

Improving outcomes for people remains at the centre of what we do. Our mission is to use our combined chemistry, analytical, healthcare and business skill to create early warning systems that minimise damage and maximise health, wellbeing and economic prosperity.

Our vision

We see a world where acceptable, accessible and cost-effective early warning systems proactively prevent damage, slow down deterioration and allow people and the planet to be the best that they can be. Responsibility and stewardship are important to us.

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